Thee and Me

Poetry by Timothy Merrill

Timothy Merrill

Timothy Merrill has had a wide range of jobs including photo journalist, copy reader, editor, ferryman, and carpenter. His work explores the mystery behind the oneness of all life.

Timothy’s first solo book of poetry, In Bare Apple Boughs, was published in 1982 by Fiddlehead Poetry Books. Other collections followed, and Homeostasis Press published his A Quiet Calling in 2009. Reviewing that book in September 2009, "Take Five" magazine said:

His writing buoys him. He speaks of language.
"Now that we have language," he says,
"from the heart
it can save us
that we all
aren’t so different."

In this, his latest book, Timothy's poems about relationships, realizations, and love show us that we are related, in all our doings and in our very blood. They create images of a world that surrounds us with powerful beauty.

Thee and Me continues to dig deeper into what feeds the human heart.